TSF 1300 wearable smart band
Product Description
  • Body Temperature Monitoring
  • 24/7 Real Time Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
  • HRV & Stress Level Monitoring
  • Breath Training, Running & Cycling Sports Tracking
  • Smart Auto Sleep Tracker
  • App Store Plan : TSF 1300 $45 gets you the watch and 1 months free monitoring.
  • One year monitoring $99.00, Sale special $49.95
TSF 1900OB Advance watch
Product Description
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Temperature Monitoring
  • 24/7 Real Time Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
  • HRV & Stress Level Monitoring
  • Breath Training, Running & Cycling Sports Tracking
  • Smart Auto Sleep Tracker
  • App Store Plan : TSF 1900 $65 gets you the watch and 1 months free monitoring
  • One year monitoring $99.00, Sale special $49.95
One Year monitoring service
Product Description
  • One year pricing includes free TSF 1214 wearable smart band
One Year monitoring service with TSF 1900OB
Product Description
  • One year monitoring subscription includes a wearable price is $35.95, smart band

How it works

247vitals.com is the fastest and easiest remote employee monitoring platform to implement. You can be Live Monitor and have your first employee setup in minutes! You can sign up within minutes by providing just a few details.

Field Employee Tracking Software?

HIPAA Compliant

At times it can be difficult to manage and track every employees location and health. Our real-time tracker algorithms work with your employees wearables allowing you to monitor them remotely via the Internet. So if they have any problems such as an above average temperature you will be made aware of this immediately.

Fitness Tracking with Real Time Updates.

247 means exactly that - round the clock, real-time monitoring with software and servers that never sleep. All your activity, exercise such as calories, steps, distance covered and so on and even your sleep is monitored and stored for you to access at any time.

All Day Activity Data Record

We use accurate algorithms to detect your daily activity, which then can be viewed by simply logging in into our portal. The daily activity improvements can be viewed and tracked regularly.

Professional Running & Cycling Guidance

We have already installed cycling and running tracker algorithms to track your data accurately and display all the vital details like heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, and average/maximum pace.

24H Graphic Temperature Measurement

Our software comes with 24H graphic temperature measurement, which makes your fitness band a smart band! To measure and record your temperature, place it under the armpit or wrist and sit back for 5min while we get the temperature measured for you. This way, you can track temperature daily.

Professional Breath Training

With our software now, you can even bring the yogis out of neophyte's souls. Our server recognizes your activity and schedules breath training sessions for you. Your band is completely integrated with the app/site for gathering more information if needed. Our software is capable of monitoring your HRV and Stress by storing complete one-year data!

Smart Auto Sleep Tracker

Sleep is important, and so is our software. We have an intelligent sleep tracker program that learns your sleep routines and automatically provides the best suitable suggestions. We built our website/app with love to serve mankind and help until we are up. We live to serve our motto of Real-time Vitals Monitoring!

Smart Band Supported



24/7 Vitals continues to do the best job (by far) of making activity tracking easy for consumers.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitor
Five Heart Rate Training
Abnormal Heart Rate
Body Temperature
Activity Tracking
Running & Cycling
Breath Training
HRV, Stress Level Monitor
Sleep Tracking
Activity Time
Daily Goal
Vibration Clock


  • Model

    1810G Heart Rate Body Temperature Monitor Smart Band

  • CPU

    Nordic nRF52833-QFAA

  • Sensors

    HR Sensor, 3D Accelerometer Sensor, Skin Temperature Sensor

  • Connection

    Bluetooth 4.0

  • Waterproof


  • OP System

    iOS 7.0 and Above; Android 4.3 and Above

  • Display Type and Size

    0.96 inch TFT

  • Battery

    1550mAh Lithium Battery

  • Standby Time

    7-10 Days

  • Charging Method

    Built-in USB Charger

  • Material

    ABS for Body & USB Charger, TPU for Wristband

  • Standard Packing

    1 X Smart Bracelet
    1 X User Manual
    1 X Gift Box

  • Dimensions

    Main Body: 42*19*11.2mm
    Wristband: 204.6*16.8mm

  • Functions

    Heart Rate & Body Temperature Monitor, HRV & Stress Report, Activity Tracking, Breath Tracking, Auto Sleep Monitor, Wrist Sense, Sedentary Reminder, Alarm Clock, Call & SMS Notifications

24/7 Vitals App

Coming soon to IOS and Android.